Deepen Your Salish Sea Connections!

We are an inclusive community of nature lovers gathering together to foster a supportive environment where people can creatively express, learn, and explore their appreciation for the Salish Sea.





We are inspired by the incredible abundance and diversity of life in the Salish Sea Ecosystem. It fills us with wonder, excitement, and emotion. We seek to cultivate deeper connection to this place through community supported creative exploration. We honor every person’s innate and learned path of artistic expression. Join us to notice, imagine, draw, paint, write, dance, play, sing, and express your love for the Salish Sea in community.

We would love for you to join us!

We cultivate a supportive space where imagination, exploration, learning, and messy imperfection are celebrated.

Join the Community!

If you love the Salish Sea and want to deepen into that relationship, then you’ve found your place! Whether it’s through nature journaling, drawing, writing, or some other creative form of expression, it’s welcome here.

We welcome all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and bodies!

How To Connect

Attend a Monthly Gathering

Our monthly online gatherings are a great place to begin! Each month, we explore a different Salish Sea Topic with attendees engaging in the creative outlet of their choosing. Some folks draw, while others write poetry, stories or songs, there is no wrong way to creatively connect and no experience is necessary. Click here to join us.

Share on the Community Journal

The Community Journal is the place to share your process of creating Salish Sea nature art. These posts offer inspiration to our community, while also providing folks with the opportunity to show support for each other. Sharing our process with messy imperfection is what it’s all about! Submit your journal entries HERE.

Host a Field Trip: currently on hiatus…

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our field trips. Once it’s safe to do so, we will be scheduling day trips to locations around the Salish Sea Ecosystem to create, explore, and gather in community. CLICK HERE to host a Field Trip!

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