Code of Ethics

DIVERSITY: We believe that access to nature is vital for all people. We seek to foster a supportive community where people of all ages, backgrounds, orientations and bodies can deepen their nature connection.

KINDNESS: We strive to be kind and supportive in all of our interactions. We do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination; action will be taken to ensure this remains a positive and kind space for all members.

RESPECT: Our community centers respect at every level of engagement. Respect for the land, respect for first nations communities, respect for each other, and respect for plants, animals and other non-human beings.

CURIOSITY: We are curious by nature and recognize not knowing as an exciting opportunity to explore more deeply.

LEARNING: We acknowledge that there will always be more to learn and actively create a supportive container where community members can step into new skills and experiences with confidence and humor.

IMPERFECTION: Learning can be messy and we LOVE that! We celebrate imperfection because it means we’re growing in new ways. What we create does not need to be “beautiful” to be worthwhile. If you made a thing and learned something along the way, then you succeeded!

CREATIVITY: We believe that we are all naturally creative and offer opportunities for the innate creativity of our community to burst forth like flowers on a Spring day!

WONDER: The Salish Sea is an incredible place full of so much life! It inspires a sense of wonder in us that can’t be measured. It is this wonder that beats at the heart of our community!

JOY: We strive to create a little pocket of shared community joy as we explore the Salish Sea Ecosystem together.

CONNECTION: We believe that everything is connected and everyone is absolutely needed to ensure that the Salish Sea Ecosystem thrives into the future. It is through our connection to each other and to this place that we are able to make that so.

CREDIT: All content on this website and in our meetings are used for educational and inspirational purposes only. Credit has been extended and attached where possible for all content. If your material has been used and is uncredited or you would like it taken down, please contact us right away and we will resolve the issue.

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